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Now the rapper is getting ready to release his fourth studio album and his final solo release under Interscope Records, Before I Self Destruct. He has told you to MTV that getting "darker" and the most "aggressive" than his last album. He has also claimed that he intends it in order to of a different musical concept and that his future music will abide by a similar theme. Before I Self Destruct is slated heading to the stores on Septermber 29th, 2010.

Once those songs were chosen, Randall and drummer Dean Spunt then placed them a number of orders and listened until you get it again to figure out which song order worked yeezy 700 on sale the top.

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B.O.B, Bruno Mars, and Paramore latched onto the stage next. They performed their hit Airplanes and have been as good live as on radio stations. That's as soon as the talent it real, not strictly made up of devices.